X10 Designs



1. Clacksfirst Banner

2. Stationery for Inn at Dllar (letterhead and comp slip)
3. Group business card for Inn at Dollar, Inn at Torbrex and Birds and Bees
4. AlloaFirst A4 newsletter
5. Table talker for Good Through Food
6. Old Plean Roofing NCR Pad
7. Little Stars flyer (ideally showcase the side with the 1140 free hour facts)
8. Group of 4 business card this one used on my website is very blurry https://www.kstmarketing.com/print/business-cards-3/standard-bc/.)
9. Touring Cars flyer (again to replace this on the website https://www.kstmarketing.com/print/flyers/)
10.  Love Local Rate Card, ideally as a flyer with rounded corners like this https://www.tradeprint.co.uk/flyer-printing/rounded-corner-flyers